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Overview Dreamweaver-Training in english
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On this page you'll get some information about our english spoken Dreamwaver trainings. If you are interested in specialized inhouse Dreamweaver-trainings, workshops or individual coaching do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will find the right solution for your needs.

Your financial investment? The price for edulab inhouse-trainings are depending on the level, number of Partipicants and degree of individualisation you are searching for. The price per day are beginning at 590 EUR + vat. Prices for high end training solutions are starting at 990 EUR by day + vat.
All edulab trainers are experts in what they do and teach. They will give you also useful ideas for your business and their help will not end with the training. At the end of the training you will get the edulab certificate.



 Dreamweaver Seminare in Deutsch

Inhouse Seminare in Deutsch  Inhouse Seminare




Dreameaver Basics

Similar to Word for word processing Dreamweaver allows for easy and comfortable design of professional websites, layouts and interactive elements.
Adobe took over Macromedia to further develop Dreamweaver as the leading web editor in preference to Adobe GoLive some years ago. In the course of this Dreamweaver training you will learn how to master this standard tool for professional web designers.
You will be instructed in fundamental modes of operation with Dreamweaver and get to know the program philosophy as well as the basic principles of web design and interactive elements with Dreamweaver.

training contents

- Overview of the Adobe Creative Suite
- basics of Dreamweaver
- modular concept of Dreamweaver
  site management
- publication / updating a website
- formatting techniques with css
- integration of image and text,
  creating and editing tables
- working with the HTML-inspector
- frames and framesets
- creating formulars with Dreamweaver

You might just ask for further information or an Dreamweaver-upgrade seminar from a former to an actual version of Dreamweaver.

Per day beginning at 590 € + Vat.=702,10 €
Auftragsfax PDF  Auftragsfax / Order (in german)



Dreamweaver Advanced

You are familiar with the Dreamweaver interface and willing to explore further features of Dreamweaver! For example how to integrate Flash-Vidoes at your site.
In addition to showing you how to apply complex styles and style sheets this course elaborates on the use of libraries and the development of DHTML-documents (Spry, Ajax).
You will also see how Dreamweaver interacts with other programs such as Adobe Flash and Fireworks.
Furthermore you will find out about new possibilities to set off your website against simpler homepages. Last but not least you will find this training to be the ideal starting point to extend your knowledge to dynamic applications and tie-in data-bases with your website

seminars content

- Advanced site management with
- new formats and possibilities
- complex styles and CSS
  (cascading style sheets)
- libraries and templates
- creating a flash video player with
- timeline animation
- integration of spry, Flash & Java applets
- development of Javascript &
  DHTML elements
- extensions in Dreamweaver
- best practises

You might just ask for further information or an Dreamweaver-upgrade seminar from a former to an actual version of Dreamweaver.

Inhouse Prices

Per day beginning at 590 € + Vat.=702,10 €
Auftragsfax PDF  Auftragsfax / Order (in german)

Dreamweaver Dynamic

You want to develop dynamic applications with realtime access to databases via PHP, ASP, Java Server Pages or ColdFusion using Adobe Dreamweaver?
Ever since the Macromedia Dreamweaver MX version, Dreamweaver enables you to visually define and build the complete application via live-view - and thus connecting databases without requiring any kind of programming skills.
In this seminar web professionals will teach you the secret of successfully linking databases to your website - including database queries, updating, inputting and outputting data.
seminars content

- Overview of current server models
- short introduction to PHP
- Apache configuration
- configuration of MySQL database
- output of data via live data view
- formatting database contents
- use of SQL queries
- the use of forms to input and output data
- validation of XML documents (optionally)

You might just ask for further information or an Dreamweaver-upgrade seminar from former to an actual version of Dreamweaver.

Further Adobe seminars

Seminars-Overview (in german)


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DREAMWEAVER TRAINING in englisch inhouse oder in Augsburg, Dresden, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Köln, München, Nürnberg, Stuttgart

Dreamweaver inhouse seminars in Germany, Austria and Switzerland