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Moderate in English


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On this page you'll get some information about our english spoken moderation trainings. If you are interested in specialized inhouse presenting-trainings, workshops or individual coaching do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will find the right solution for your needs.

Your financial investment? The price for edulab inhouse-trainings are depending on the level, number of Partipicants and degree of individualisation you are searching for. The price per day are beginning at 590 EUR + vat. Prices for high end training solutions are starting at 990 EUR by day + vat.

All edulab trainers are experts in what they do and teach. They will give you also useful ideas for your business and their help will not end with the training. At the end of the training you will get the edulab certificate.

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seminare inhouse   INHOUSE SEMINARE

How to moderate in English

Effective communication, visualization and moderation skills have become vital factors in achieving success in our professional lives for our companies. Thorough preparation, professional structure and convincing communication skills combined with good visualized presentation, helps you to achieve your goals easily. Through our seminar you will be able to increase confidence when communicating in English with clients, colleagues and suppliers. This training can be also offered with dual coaches „emotional and rational“.

training contents

You might just ask for further information about the seminar how to moderate in English.


inhouse: Per day beginning
at 790 € + Vat.=940,10 €
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In Englisch moderieren

Auf Englisch moderieren, kommunizieren und visualisieren zu können, sind im internationalen Geschäft mittlerweile wichtige Erfolgsfaktoren geworden. Die Kombination aus professioneller Vorbereitung über die richtige Strukturierung, überzeugendende Kommunikation und optimaler Visualisierung hilft Ihnen dabei, ihre Ziele dabei leichter zu erreichen.
Mit diesem Moderationstraining werden Sie sicherer in Ihrer Moderation und Kommunikation mit Kunden, Kollegen oder Lieferanten. Videofeedback hilft Ihnen dabei - ab 6 TN auch das Moderationstrainerduo "emotional & rational".
Sie werden sehen, moderieren in englisch kann Freude machen.

Seminar Inhalt

Sie erhalten gerne das aiusführliche Infoblatt zum Seminar "In Englisch moderieren".


inhouse je Tag:
Ab 790 €+MwSt.=940,10€
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Dieses Seminar können Sie auch als offenes Seminar oder Inhouse-Training in deutscher Sprache buchen:


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