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On this page you'll get some information about our english spoken Photoshop trainings. If you are interested in specialized inhouse Photoshop-trainings, workshops or individual coaching do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will find the right solution for your needs.

Your financial investment? The price for edulab inhouse-trainings are depending on the level, number of Partipicants and degree of individualisation you are searching for. The price per day are beginning at 590 EUR + vat. Prices for high end training solutions are starting at 990 EUR by day + vat.
All edulab trainers are experts in what they do and teach. They will give you also useful ideas for your business and their help will not end with the training. At the end of the training you will get the edulab certificate.


Photoshop Seminare in Deutsch  Photoshop-Seminare

Inhouse Seminare in Deutsch  Inhouse Seminare

seminare inhouse   INHOUSE SEMINARE





Adobe Photoshop inhouse

It is not by chance that Photoshop has become the leading tool in image editing and processing. Still the question remains: how can you use the excellent possibilities of this seemingly complex software efficiently in practice?
This seminar is the answer. You will get to know the specifics of the Photoshop interface and create results, which will wow your customers. Whether it is a matter of simple retouching or photo compositing or even preparing your images and illustrations for multimedia applications: this training will introduce you to the essential fields of applications of Photoshop. Numerous examples and practical exercises will help you consolidate the acquired knowledge for your daily work.
seminar contents

- Basic knowledge of colour
  theory & image processing
- file formats, saving files
- program overview
- use of tools: retouching,
  creative & paint features
- selection tools
- working with layers,
  masks and effects
- creating & saving channels
- text input and text
- Introduction to retouching
  and compositing
- colour correction & filters
- web optimization of
  images, organisation of
  data via Adobe Bridge
- exercises
- tricks using the latest
  version of Photoshop

You might just ask for further information or an Photoshop-upgrade seminar from a former to an actual version of Photoshop.

Training prices

Inhouse per day beginning at 690 €+Vat.=821,10 €
Auftragsfax PDF  Auftragsfax / Order (in german)

open: 2-days (german)
670 €+MwSt.= 797,30 €
Seminare  offene Seminar-Termine



Photoshop advanced inhouse

In this training you will learn from certified instructors how to become an advanced Photoshop user: starting with image compositings and image enhancement and leading on to professional scanning and output . You will find out how to improve the workflow, especially in dealing with outsource service providers. Experienced professionals will let you in on their trade secrets and killer tips which will prove to be very valuable for your daily work.

All modules of your Photoshop inhouse-training will be exactly customized to your needs before the beginning of the training. The trainer will contact you therefore.

seminar contents

- layer concepts
- advanced selection features
  and actions
- using the path function
- image clipping
- defining tooltips in
- scanning
- input and output
- colour spaces
  (LAB / RGB / CMYK)
- composings
- using plug-ins
- pattern creation
- practice exercises

You might just ask for further information or an Photoshop-upgrade seminar from a former to an actual version of Photoshop.


Inhouse per day beginning at 690 € + Vat.=821,10 €
Auftragsfax PDF  Auftragsfax / Order (in german)

open: 2-days (german),
670 €+MwSt.= 793,30 €
Seminare  offene Seminar-Termine

Further Photoshop trainings

Virtual Beauty-Ranch

Just ask for more information.

Further Adobe seminars

Seminars-Overview (in german)

PHOTOSHOP TRAINING in englisch inhouse oder in Augsburg, Dresden, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Köln, München, Nürnberg, Stuttgart

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